ExpoFab Custom

ExpoFab is an innovative and unique product that creates eye-catching and attention-grabbing stands.
ExpoFab will give a stand a clean and seamless look, using rich, vibrant colours on a fabric signage system.
Customisable to suit stand designs, ExpoFab can be manipulated in an array of stand displays including wall mounted, double sided, free standing, suspended, curved or illuminated using a LED light box.
ExpoFab is machine washable and reusable. Made from high-quality materials, ExpoFab can withstand wear and tear, ensuring a stand remains looking great time and time again.
Once the cycle of the fabric is complete, it is sent to a Resource Recovery Facility (RRF) where it is shredded, co-mingled with wood-pulp, and then bailed to produce Processed Engineered Fuel (PEF) that can be used in place of environmentally sourced fossil fuels.